LNS Research Launches Environment, Health and Safety Practice

environment health and safety it architectureHere at LNS, we’ve delved deeply into some key areas of business performance and Operational Excellence in recent years, including Enterprise Quality Management, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), and Industrial Energy Management (IEM).

As our followers are aware, this research has manifested in dozens of research reports, extensive assessments of best practices and trends, in-depth blog posts, and much more, all supported by comprehensive data collection and analysis.

But there’s another essential pillar of modern-day business that we’re about to cover in a much more rigorous way, and it relates to the integrity of our shared environment, the health and safety of our greatest assets—our human capital—and the overall sustainability of individual businesses. Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) practice, under the scope of which we’ll explore all aspects of EHS compliance, risk, and performance through the lenses of people, processes, technology and metrics.

EHS and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

As with all of our other practices, we will study the EHS management not as a siloed activity, but as a discipline that is deeply tied to all other aspects of overall corporate performance management, including quality management, MOM, IEM, Asset Performance Management (APM), and sustainability.

And here it is important to note that, whenever we refer to “sustainability,” we don’t mean the classic, 20th century conception of the term. Indeed, sustainability used to be thought of as solely an ecological or ‘green’ consideration, and in some quarters this misconception still persists today.

Instead, the LNS Research approach categorizes sustainability as something far grander: yes, environmental performance is a piece of the sustainability pie, right alongside financial, social, and all other considerations that factor into an organization’s capacity to sustain itself. Yes, a sustainable business is also a profitable business, and we hope manufacturing leaders will increasingly work this understanding into their views on sustainability.

So, with that, we invite readers to explore our EHS library and download our new EHS Management Best Practices Guide, a comprehensive analysis of the evolution of EHS management, emerging trends, technology solutions, and actionable recommendations, and also includes our outlook on the future of EHS management.

In the coming weeks we look forward to sharing insights gleaned from our recently launched EHS management survey of global manufacturing leaders, EHS solutions selection guidance, in-depth exclusive research reports, and plenty of other insight spanning the entire spectrum of contemporary EHS management.

Specifically, some of the things we will learn include:

  • Organizations’ top objectives for improving EHS performance, and the challenges in meeting that goal.
  • Which areas of EHS/Sustainability solutions leading organizations expect will be most critical to their success.
  • How soon organizations expect to see ROI from EHS software implementations.
  • The maturity level of leading manufacturers’ EHS mobility strategies.
  • The top criteria leading organizations use when selecting an EHS/Sustainability management solution.
  • Metrics critical to measuring the success of EHS initiatives and benchmarking organizational performance across these metrics.

Participate in the Research and Take the Survey Today

To participate in the research, click the button below. You will be prompted to take an EHS survey, and then you'll get access to the library for one year. Also, feel free to help us get the word out by tweeting this!

environemnt health and safety best practices guide

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