Leveraging ICS Cybersecurity Services

Posted by Joe Perino on Mon, Sep 20, 2021

Last April, we wrote about the market twists and turns in the dynamic cybersecurity software market and the challenges and barriers to progress. More recently, we published an M&A update that noted the acquisition of PAS Global by Hexagon AB. Recent conversations with end-users, cyber-software, and automation vendors have highlighted the importance of not just the software but of the associated set of services so vital to implementing and maintaining cyber protection. This raised the question of the best way for most end-users to approach this, get the right help, and bridge the cyber gap between IT and OT. The answer is less a technical discussion than it is about strategy, standards, policies and procedures, and partnering services.

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The M&A Rumble in the Jungle

Posted by Joe Perino on Wed, Aug 25, 2021

Four recent M&A announcements have prompted us to catch up on our view of where the industry is heading and follow up on our earlier predictions for 2021. They are:

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ICS Cybersecurity...Twists, Turns, and Roadblocks

Posted by Joe Perino on Fri, Apr 16, 2021

LNS Research has been following industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity for some time now and believes that as we emerge from the grasp of COVID-19, this is a good time to revisit what has and continues to be a very dynamic part of the industrial software market.

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Categories: Risk Management, IT/OT, cybersecurity