Rub-A-Dub-Dub...It's All About the Data Hub

Posted by Joe Perino on Tue, Jan 18, 2022

In my last blog on Data Contextualization, we talked about data contextualization at various levels in the OT Ecosystem architecture, particularly in the Operational Data Lake. LNS Research is increasingly hearing the term “Data Hub” used to describe the processing, conditioning, contextualization, persistence, and access functionality so key to data management and one’s ability to scale the New OT Ecosystem. Questions we frequently hear are:

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2022 APM 4.0 Predictions with a Review of 2021 and More

Posted by Joe Perino on Mon, Jan 10, 2022

It’s that time again…each year, LNS Research puts forth predictions around the key trends in the Industrial Transformation (IX) topics where we focus our research. In the case of Asset Performance Management (APM 4.0), our 2021 forecast focused on multiple definitions of Digital Twins, the shift of APM 4.0 to a broader view in terms of Operational Excellence (OE 4.0) and Operation Risk Management (ORM), the Connected Worker (CW), now called the Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW), and the Open Process Automation (OPA) pilots and related progress. Two additional trends are that the path to autonomy flows through Operational Excellence, a concept that requires redefinition and reimagining compared to past approaches; and second, the scale and depth of what it will take to be autonomous is not yet well understood.

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My Biggest 2022 Prediction:  Guess What Gets A Reset...Again

Posted by Tom Comstock on Thu, Jan 06, 2022

Every year, LNS Research analysts put forth predictions around the Industrial Transformation (IX) topics where we focus our research. In December 2020, I made five predictions for 2021. This year I am going to make only one prediction – in multiple parts – but I will drill into that one prediction more extensively. To help you to decide whether my multi-part prediction for 2022 is worth considering, I am concluding this blog post with an assessment of how I did in my 2021 predictions (spoiler alert: by my count, I was 4 out of 5 but you can decide).

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Seven Key Take-Aways from the Sustainability and EHS Leaders Roundtable

Posted by Peter S Bussey on Thu, Dec 16, 2021

In a sign of the times, the topic of Sustainability was front and center at the 3rd annual LNS Research, The Industrial Transformation (IX) Event, held October 19-21, 2021. Keynote speakers on the morning of Day 1 included Michael Train, SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer of Emerson, and Ellis Jones, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. These speakers highlighted the strategic importance of sustainability to enterprise strategy in their organizations, as well as the critical role of leadership in achieving the transformational results Sustainability initiatives often aspire to.

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Data Contextualization - What's all the Hullabaloo?

Posted by Joe Perino on Wed, Nov 17, 2021

Some of the most frequently asked questions LNS Research receives when clients are planning to scale in Industrial Transformation (IX) are concerned with DataOps and data contextualization.

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Riding The Hyperscaler Wave

Posted by Joe Perino on Mon, Aug 02, 2021

In our December 2020 blog on AWS Industrial, we noted that AWS and the other hyperscalers have always had the ambition to move up the value proposition and delivery stack. The hyperscaler’s objective is simple: to maximize the volume of dollars and services running through their platform. And, they incent their partners and their own salespeople to do so. They aim to win no matter which route one takes, directly through them or via their partners. We said that all roads lead to Rome.

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Seven Transformation Opportunities for EHS Leaders to Seize

Posted by Peter S Bussey on Thu, Mar 18, 2021

If the adage, “With Change Comes Opportunity” is at all correct, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) business leaders have opportunity in spades. Entering the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, change and the ability to adapt to it have become the mantra for industrial organizations to get through the crisis. Over the past year, “resilience” and “agility” were the buzz words of corporate earnings calls and communications, perhaps to the point of overuse regardless of their validity.

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