Intel IoT Platform Expansion & APM Panel at IMC Event [Roundup]

Posted by Justine Holt on Sun, Nov 15, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

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Intel Expands IoT Platform

Earlier this month Intel announced the expansion of its Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The new features include a new reference architecture to support mobility in smart connected assets, and to carry out smart connected operations. It also includes cloud-connecting operating systems and cloud suite from Wind River.

By expanding the abilities of Intel’s IoT platform, many of its customers will be able to, not only carry out smart connected operations, but put wearables to use and transform big data analytics. Doug Davis the senior vice president of the IoT Group at Intel said during the announcement, “Intel is making it easier for our customers to scale from things to cloud with new Intel Quark processors for IoT and Wind River’s free cloud-connected OS for microcontrollers. To read more about the Intel IoT platform expansion and new features click here.

The Connection of the Smart City

Between Uber and Nest, connectivity between technology and our personal lives has shown significant improvements in recent years. In more recent trends, we are starting to see the “smart city” gain attention and actively progress.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly leading the way to smart cities. By connecting law enforcement, public transportation, and utilities in one stream of data, it can begin to change the way a city or an environment operates entirely. Many companies have already taken then lead to connecting cities and technology. “Everyone has their own definition of an intelligent city. To us, an intelligent city is a city that can collect data efficiently and bring it in a way that is meaningful to them. It can enhance revenue, or ultimately offer citizens new services that they never before had,” said GEL Lighting Intelligent Environment for Cities manager, Austin Ashe. To read about some of the cities that have already transformed, and the organizations working towards expanding smart cities everywhere click here.

APM Making Way at the IMC Event

On December 7-11 in Bonita Springs, Florida, an extensive panel of asset performance management (APM) professionals will speak on best practices from years of experience. Joining the seasoned speakers at the International Maintenance Conference will be LNS Research’s principle analyst, Dan Miklovic.

LNS Research defines APM as covering the full scope of asset operations and the deployment of people, processes and technologies that allow companies to achieve operational excellence from their production and service deliver assets. Dan will present the results of LNS Research’s 2015 Asset Performance Management End-user Survey. The survey respondents consists of more than 200 global companies and the results of their APM strategies from the planning to deployment. The presentation will also note on the metrics the survey respondents are using, and the benefits they’re achieving. To learn more about LNS Research APM data and how to attend the event click here.

U.S. Manufacturing on the Rise

As U.S. manufacturing is on the up-and-up, the industry’s leaders are not sure the workers to fill the positions meet the same fate. Part of the country’s problem with amplifying the manufacturing industry is finding qualifying people to fit the bill.

During the conference, U.S. Manufacturing and Policy: Road Map for the Future, industry leaders were facing the issues being brought onto the industry, and launching ideas to fix it. During one conversation, Education and Manufacturing: Is There a Skills Gap, and How Do We Fix It?, speakers approached the topic of finding capable employees. There is an image problem hovering over the manufacturing industry, and positions to be filled are in high demand. Robert Lerman of the Urban Institute and American University believes targeting young people with an apprenticeship training program will encourage careers in the manufacturing industry. To read more about the solutions and steps toward a brighter future click here.

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