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5 Most Asked Questions from The Road From Metrics to Analytics for Mid-Size Manufacturers Webcast

Posted by Patrick Fetterman on October 26, 2018

On Thursday, October 25, LNS Research hosted the webcast, “The Road from Metrics to Analytics for Mid-Sized Manufacturers.” The webcast explored data from the 2018 “Analytics That Matter” survey with a focus on finding metrics used by high-performing companies for financial operations, manufacturing operations, and supply chain management. The webcast also focused on how companies can make a move from metrics to advanced industrial analytics, the best practices for building use cases for analytics, and the importance of an Operational Architecture to support industrial analytics.

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Categories: Metrics, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Manufacturing ERP Vendor Plex Systems Acquires IIoT Firm DATTUS [MondayMusings]

Posted by Patrick Fetterman on October 15, 2018

The #MondayMusings Industrial Transformation blog series provides insight and analysis for executives from the previous week’s briefings, events, and publications @LNSResearch.

On July 31, manufacturing ERP vendor Plex Systems announced the acquisition of DATTUS, an Indianapolis-based software company focused on collecting machine data from the factory floor and applying advanced analytics. Terms of the deal were not disclosed .

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Categories: Cloud, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Solution Vendor / Software Vendor, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), #MondayMusings

How the Right Operational Architecture Powers the Analytics That Matter

Posted by Patrick Fetterman on July 25, 2018

LNS Research has published our Analytics That Matter research report (previously titled Metrics That Matter) for several years, with the original research appearing almost a dozen years ago. The 2018 report breaks new ground by moving from a discussion of metrics to a focus on advanced analytics, and putting analytics into LNS Digital Transformation Framework, backed by our recommendations on Operational Architecture.

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Categories: Metrics, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Big Data, Industrial Transformation / Digital Transformation, Operational Architecture