Broad Scope Manufacturing Software with Parsec's TrakSYS

Manufacturing Operations ManagementAs time marches forward, new technological capabilities often reach a point where their affordability and benefits make them approach a level of indispensability. In the developed world and beyond, cell phones have reached this status for most consumers when it comes to communication and, for most of us, it’s hard now to imagine our lives without them.

In the world of manufacturing there are also technological capabilities, especially in sophisticated production operations, that are similarly pervasive and relied upon. Just ask any manufacturing executive how he or she would feel about trading in their Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software for some clipboards and pencils.

Increasingly, manufacturers are starting to view the broader scope of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) applications as a critical tool in building and sustaining leadership in their respective industry. The real-time visibility and integration between shop-floor assets, people and enterprise-level processes is becoming too pervasive in the competitive sphere to ignore, and organizations that ignore this technology do so at their own peril.

In order to provide clarity and education to this important and growing space, LNS Research has published its Manufacturing Operations Management Solution Selection Guide. The guide includes a detailed write-up of 20 of the top vendors in the MOM space by key capabilities and attributes, and is a vital resource for manufacturing executives considering an implementation.

Over the past several months we’ve been highlighting a vendor from the guide. This week we’re looking at Parsec Automation, an Anaheim, CA-based company founded in 1987.

An Overview of Parsec’s TrakSYS Software Offering

Parsec’s software lineage is based on providing performance management solutions that are deployable without disrupting existing production operations. TrakSYS, the company’s comprehensive MOM suite, is the culmination of this approach. The TrakSYS offering has steadily incorporated new functionality, today supporting big data analytical capabilities across manufacturing enterprises. TrakSYS assists users with their management of information, quality, workflow, materials, regulatory compliance, and production execution.

The scope of TrakSYS functionality, integration, and ease of use is impressive, covering virtually the entire range of MOM functionality. In our discussions with company executives, Parsec is focused on usability and experience for ongoing investments, with an eye toward growing a number of mobile applications.

The company’s key industry strengths are in the beverage, consumer packaged goods, food, industrial equipment, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries. It continues to gear itself up to support customers with mission-critical requirements, offering 24/7 technical support and expanding its global partner network. Though TrakSYS scales well to fit small and medium manufacturing enterprises, most of the company’s current customers are plant operations of large global enterprises.    

One of the challenges LNS Research sees for Parsec is the need to continue to manage global growth and attract additional skilled partners over time. However, the company appears to have a strong understanding of manufacturing processes and what it takes to deliver enterprise class software platforms, and the architecture of TrakSYS is consistent with our vision of a next-generation integration and collaboration platforms.

A Closer Look at Parsec’s Comprehensive  Manufacturing Software Capabilities

For more information on Parsec and its TrakSYS software solution, read the MOM Solution Selection Guide, accessible below. The guide provides an overview of the Parsec and other vendors in the MOM landscape based on criteria such as specific functionalities, company sizes served (small to medium sized through enterprise), industry and subvertical strengths, geographic footprint, time to solution value, and others. The Guide also breaks down Parsec’s core attributes by current and emergence strengths and full coverage areas.

The MOM Solution Selection Guide and its full analysis of the top software vendors is available below. If you're a TrakSYS user or are evaluating the solution, please feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions in the comments section below.

MOM Solution Selection Guide

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