Rub-A-Dub-Dub...It's All About the Data Hub

Posted by Joe Perino on January 18, 2022

In my last blog on Data Contextualization, we talked about data contextualization at various levels in the OT Ecosystem architecture, particularly in the Operational Data Lake. LNS Research is increasingly hearing the term “Data Hub” used to describe the processing, conditioning, contextualization, persistence, and access functionality so key to data management and one’s ability to scale the New OT Ecosystem. Questions we frequently hear are:

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Rockwell Automation Fair at Home

Posted by Tom Comstock on January 19, 2021

LNS Research recently had the opportunity to listen in on Rockwell Automation’s first virtual Automation Fair. Rockwell Automation strove valiantly to replicate the massive Automation Fair virtually: they continued to have Perspective Keynotes, detailed product and technical sessions, hands-on training, a partner exhibit, and even a virtual tour of the Product and Technology showcase. Rockwell Automation is known for its partner and channel-based strategy and this event reconfirmed, yet again, how strong Rockwell Automation’s orientation to partners and channels really is.

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Edge Computing...Edging Ahead Slowly

Posted by Joe Perino on August 17, 2020

LNS has been writing about Edge Computing now for a few years. We noted that the powerful wave of moving data to the Cloud for analysis and action overshadowed the Edge, but in the last two years, the trend has been to swing back to a hybrid architecture with both Edge and Cloud in the mix. In our new eBook, “Edge Computing in the New OT Ecosystem,” we talk in detail about the various roles, applications, and state of adoption of Edge Computing devices in what we call the New OT Ecosystem. We explain that there are basically four Edge forms or types and five primary roles or applications for Edge:

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GE Digital on the Move

Posted by Joe Perino on May 11, 2020

It’s been 10 months since GE Digital appointed new CEO Patrick Byrne. In our last blog, after their September 2019 User Group meeting, we said, “GE Digital has re-emerged with renewed focus led by fresh, engineering-grounded, no-nonsense leadership in Pat Byrne. We look forward to seeing if this new positive momentum is sustainable.” So what’s happened since then? Let’s take a look under the hood and see what Pat and his team have been doing. 

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