Waking Sleeping Giants...Releasing the Kraken

Posted by Joe Perino on February 24, 2022

LNS Research has long followed the major automation vendors. All are either current LNS Research members or have been in the last few years. Recent developments have prompted us to take a closer look at their strategies, what’s happening, and why. We refer to mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and entering new markets or strengthening positions in certain industry verticals as recent developments. These "giants" are waking up to new challenges as they seek to grow their businesses.

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The M&A Rumble in the Jungle

Posted by Joe Perino on August 25, 2021

Four recent M&A announcements have prompted us to catch up on our view of where the industry is heading and follow up on our earlier predictions for 2021. They are:

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Categories: Operational Excellence, Risk Management, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Industrial Transformation / Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing, Asset Performance Management (APM), Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity

Riding The Hyperscaler Wave

Posted by Joe Perino on August 02, 2021

In our December 2020 blog on AWS Industrial, we noted that AWS and the other hyperscalers have always had the ambition to move up the value proposition and delivery stack. The hyperscaler’s objective is simple: to maximize the volume of dollars and services running through their platform. And, they incent their partners and their own salespeople to do so. They aim to win no matter which route one takes, directly through them or via their partners. We said that all roads lead to Rome.

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Should Pharma Regain MES Leadership or Become the New IX Leaders?

Posted by Andrew Hughes on June 01, 2021

Since the advent of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES, or MOM for those who prefer) in the late 1980s, life sciences, and especially pharmaceuticals finishing and packing, led the way in useful MES solutions. Some would argue that MES for pharma has reached maturity and there are few gains to be made. At LNS Research, we believe that change is just beginning and it is time for the pharma software industry to wake up or get severely disrupted by new players.

Many pharmaceutical companies, ranging from boutique startups to the global giants, have active Industrial Transformation (IX) programs that foresee structural changes in the way they operate. Existing pharma MES systems provide the necessary functionality for most operations but are hard to maintain, inflexible, and do not provide a data platform for other parts of the enterprise. Such integration will, inevitably, be a part of IX programs. 

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AVEVA Acquires OSIsoft in $5 Billion Deal

Posted by Joe Perino on August 26, 2020

AVEVA, the industrial software company, announced on August 25, 2020, its intention to acquire OSIsoft from Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy and OSIsoft investors, including SoftBank, for $5 billion. The acquisition is expected to close in late 2020 or early 2021. AVEVA is to finance the deal through $4.4 billion of cash plus $600 million of stock, making Dr. Kennedy AVEVA’s largest private shareholder with 4.4% of the company. Dr. Kennedy will remain connected to AVEVA through a Chairman Emeritus role. AVEVA will raise the capital through $3.5 billion of rights issues plus $900 million of cash on their balance sheet. The deal represents a multiple of roughly 10X OSIsoft’s 1H-2020 annualized revenues, a multiplier similar to AspenTech’s, one of AVEVA’s major competitors.

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Categories: Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Software, AVEVA, Acquisition, OSIsoft

PTC LIVEWORX 2020 Still Sizzles with Strategy

Posted by Tom Comstock on July 15, 2020

LNS recently participated in the PTC’s LiveWorx Virtual event. Last year, we noted that LiveWorx, “is in a league of its own in the world of industrial software and automation events when it comes to marketing flash and audio-visual sizzle.” Going virtual dramatically limited the flash and the sizzle, but there was still plenty of meat this year as the company rolled out new products, updated alliances, and revealed a refined product strategy.

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