Reconciling IX and Continuous Improvement Organizationally: Not for the Faint at Heart

Posted by Tom Comstock on March 10, 2022

LNS Research has defined Industrial Transformation (IX) as the proactive and coordinated approach in leveraging digital technologies to create step-change improvement across the value chain. By definition, we are contrasting IX from such Continuous Improvement (CI) programs as Lean or World Class Manufacturing (WCM) by its focus on step-change. Further, we consistently note that IX is particularly challenging as solutions must be deployed across a manufacturing network that is diversified by manufacturing models, culture, Operational Technology (OT), and digital maturity.

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7 Lean Manufacturing Lessons from a Shingo Prize Winner

Posted by | Research Team | on September 04, 2014

When it comes to management systems and continuous improvement programs, Lean Manufacturing is one of the most widely used today. In fact, our 2013 Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) survey revealed that three in every ten senior leaders had a Lean program in place or planned to within a year. This was the most chosen response, in front of ISO 9001, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, and more.

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The LNS Weekly Industrial Round Up 3/10/2013

Posted by | Research Team | on March 10, 2013

In the past months, our team has often been prompted with the question; “What do you, and/or executives you have spoken with, see as the top industrial business development trends?”  This week’s round up may serve as an adequate response to such a query. Lean business operations, sustainable processes, implementing effective global collaboration programs, and educating the next generation on such topics.

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Manufacturing Operations Management: Lessons from Dell

Posted by Matthew Littlefield on June 25, 2012

Notorious for its lean inventory and just-in-time manufacturing methods, Dell recently announced that it would be altering its operating model as part of a three year $2 billion cost-cutting initiative. While the made-to-order PC vendor spent the past 28 years benefitting from scaling low operating margins, it sees close competitors pursuing higher margin opportunities in enterprise computing and has decided to follow suit.

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