Mitigating Supply-Chain Risk, OEE in Packaging, The Future of Global Manufacturing, and more...

What do a panel of industry experts forecast for the changing global manufacturing industry? How effectively can quality management software oversee the actions within your supplier network? Or, is measuring overall equipment effectiveness really as easy as they say? Gain valuable insight into these pressing questions below.

quality management systemMitigating Supply-Chain Risk through Supplier Quality Assurance

Tim Lozier of EtQ indicates that as outsourcing in the life sciences and pharma industry continues to increase, a strong focus on supplier quality management arises. While there may be many operational benefits to outsourcing product manufacturing, Lozier explores the associated risks such as counterfeiting, lower visibility, and dependency on suppliers. Supplier quality risks can be reduced through the implementation of a centralized quality management system, which can also enforce the Supplier Quality Agreement (SQA) that is currently being adopted by pharmaceutical companies. SQM Article & Free White Paper.

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During recent discussions with our Global Quality Advisory Council (GQAC) members, the issue of supplier quality management has been among the top initiatives for many of these executives.  SQM remains a focal point for much of our thought leadership articles including: Does Supplier Quality Improve the New Product Introduction Process? [DATA] and Supplier Quality Management: A Risk-based Approach.

OEE in Packaging: Deceptively Simple

A featured article on Automation World, Greg Farnum describes how overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) has become an increasingly used metric in the packaging industry due to its ease of understanding and applicability. Farnum provides a collection of industry expertise on the topic in order to adequately define OEE, explore best practices as they relate to the packaging industry, and how to avoid misuse. Gather valuable insight from thought leaders at Lenze Americas, Invensys, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, and Ossid LLC. Read more.

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Matthew Littlefield and Mike Roberts published Taking Overall Equipment Effectiveness Beyond the Plant Floor, discussing how OEE accounts for availability, efficiency, and quality, and the proven to benefits experienced by leading manufacturers. Access this report.

The Experts: What Will Global Manufacturing Look Like in 5 Years?

First, who are The Experts? Making up an exclusive Wall Street Journal group, The Experts are industry, academic and other thought leaders who engage in in-depth online discussions of topics from the print Report. So, what do they say about the near future of the manufacturing industry? Quite a bit; their focal points include: demand shifting to developing countries, tapping into untouched markets, strong innovation, an increase in customized production, clean energy, social awareness, more robots, fewer jobs, and much more. 9 Expert Responses.

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The LNS team has also looked at the future of manufacturing, but from a systems perspective. In a two part article, Principal Analyst, Mark Davidson provides insight into the bright future of MOM integration and collaboration software platforms and modular 'apps': The (Not-so-distant) Future of Manufacturing Software Platforms [Part 1] and Next-Generation Manufacturing Software Platforms Explained [Part 2].

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Globally Standardize a Quality Process

Today, market leaders are leveraging EQMS’s preconfigured solutions to quickly and cost-effectively deploy standardized functionalities across the enterprise. In this article, Principal Analyst Matthew Littlefield intends to discuss when it makes sense to globally standardize a quality process, as well as shed light on the compounded benefits to quality process data and content that standardizing with EQMS can deliver. Globalizing quality processes.

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The Global State of EQMS

For a more comprehensive look into EQMS, join me and Quality Digest’s Dirk Dusharme for a webcast on the Global State of EQMS on June 25. With the use of benchmark data from LNS Research's 2012-2013 Quality Management Survey, taken by over 500 executives, the webcast will highlight best practices and strategies for implementing and getting the most out of EQMS. Sign up today!

Manufacturing operations management

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