GE & PTC Brilliant Manufacturing Partnership & Alcoa Divides [Roundup]

GE Brilliant Manufacturing Suite Launch [Minds + Machines]

For the many of those who attended or tracked the fourth annual GE Minds + Machines conference know the company partnered with PTC to deliver the most innovative version of its Brilliant Manufacturing Suite.

The reformed suite allows manufacturers to use data analytics in real-time to optimize end-to-end production, while eliminating disparate systems to connect shop floor to top floor with the flexible dahsboard.

Jennifer Bennet, General Manager for GE Digital’s Manufacturing Software initiatives said, "The key to optimizing the full product life cycle from design to service is through analytics of data that has been traditionally locked inside corporate silos." The demands on manufacturers is driving change at an unprecedented rate with the challenged they face regarding demand, design, durability, and time. The CEO of PTC, Jim Heppelmann said, “It is significant validation that such an industry leader has chosen to deploy our ThingWorx technology at scale. We look forward to collaborating with GE to deliver the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) to manufacturers around the globe.” To learn more about how GE and PTC plan to create a robust software to support manufacturing globally with the Brilliant Manufacturing Suite by levaraging the digital thread and real-time analytics click here.   

Alcoa Splits into Two 

Alcoa, a global leader in lightweight metals technology, has committed to separating into two different publicly-traded companies. The Board of Directors has unanimously approved this plan to launch two the companies, The Upstream Company and the Value-Add Company. Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Alcoa, commented on the divide and said, “In the last few years, we have successfully transformed Alcoa to create two strong values engines that are now ready to pursue their own distinctive strategic directions.”

As the results of the division, the Upstream Company and the Value-Add Company will have different areas of focus and initiatives. The Upstream Company will be a cost-competitive industry leader in bauxite mining, alumina refining, and aluminum production. The Value-Add Company will be a premier provider of high-performance multi-material products and solutions. Kleinfeld will serve as the permanent Chairman and CEO for the Value-Add Company, and temporarily serve the same roles for the Upstream Company during the kickoff process. To find out more about the Alcoa separation and business divide click here.

Cisco & Verizon Wireless Enhance the Network

Verizon Wireless and Cisco announced a partnership this week to aggressively execute the plan to develop a fifth generation (5G) wireless technology. Cisco recently hosted the first Verizon 5G Technology forum to discuss the plans to launch 5G technology trials for the coming year.  

The 5G network is expected to be fully launched and capable by 2020, but Verizon is gaining a leg up on competitors by partnering with Cisco to develop the technology quicker than the rest. Besides aiding those who want to download their Twitter updates faster, the advanced network is expected to drive business to adopt smart connected assets and mobility for machine-to-machine processes. To learn more about the initiatives Cisco and Verizon Wireless are taking and the testing centers for the 5G networks click here.

National Manufacturing Day

October 2nd marks National Manufacturing Day in the United States, and the industry is excited about it. The Twitter page dedicated to the day, @MfgDay, is highlighting the enthusiasm and involvement from people all around the country. With this reaction comes the proof, besides the Federal Reserve’s industrial production report, that America’s manufacturing industry is improving.

Recently, we’ve seen real advancements in manufacturing with plants opening, or planning to, in the country. People are becoming involved, and industrial production is picking up the pace, since the decline began in 2000. Aside from the financial benefits for the economy, expanding the manufacturing industry will create jobs all over the country. Manufacturing Day is the opportunity for industry leaders to showcase possibilities of careers in the industrial production industry. Between student’s taking shop tours, and congress broadcasting the career possibilities onto the next generation, the industry is looking at a bright future. To read more about how the nation is taking steps to support manufacturing click here. And, enjoy Manufacturing Day!New Call-to-action

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