Survey Snippets #6: The Why, What, and How of Industrial Transformation (IX)

Posted by Vivek Murugesan on June 01, 2022

One of the most common mistakes LNS Research sees manufacturers make in their Industrial Transformation (IX) programs is starting with technology selection. To help companies better structure their IX programs, we have designed the LNS Research Industrial Transformation Framework (shown below). Our framework recommends companies manage their IX programs across five key swim lanes:

  • identifying business objectives at the C-suite level
  • establishing strategic initiatives aligning to the C-suite objectives
  • building a robust operational architecture
  • focusing on technology selection
  • embracing change management
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ROKLive Virtual Shows What it Takes for Transformation

Posted by Tom Comstock on July 29, 2020

LNS had the chance, like everyone else, to dig into the wealth of content that Rockwell Automation has put together for ROKLive. ROKLive was intended to be co-located with PTC’s LiveWorx event this year. Like so many other large gatherings, the event itself was cancelled and replaced with a virtual event. Software companies have executed different strategies for their virtual events: some scaling way back, others going virtual with everything that can go virtual, and lots of alternatives in between. Rockwell Automation went “…with everything.” As Chairman and CEO Blake Moret said: “the content is extensive with over 100 keynotes, technical labs, and a partner showcase.”

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