Blast From the Past: Industrial Transformation Lessons From the 15th Century

Posted by Vivek Murugesan on March 14, 2022

Industrie 4.0 is often referred to as the Renaissance of manufacturing. But many of us don’t realize how many parallels there really are between today’s Industrial Transformation (IX) programs and the Italian Renaissance period – a time famous for transitioning from the Middle Ages to modernity. In this blog post, we will describe three such parallels and explore how today’s manufacturing leaders can apply them in their IX programs.  

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The Future of Sustainability and Industrial Work: 7 Predictions for 2022

Posted by Peter S Bussey on January 11, 2022

As 2022 kicks off, most significant industrial organizations are well into their Industrial Transformation (IX) journeys and have been for at least several years. Those that aren’t are scrambling to catch up if they intend to remain viable. Even as IX advances as the strategic framework for competitive differentiation, industrials must deal with two rapidly emerging secular trends: the rise of Sustainability and the challenges posed by the Future of Industrial Work.

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EHS Transformation Starts with Effective Leadership

Posted by Peter S Bussey on June 24, 2021

Part of the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has been a resurgence of the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) business function. Anyone paying attention has seen that the management (or mismanagement) of EHS-related operational risks can directly impact business continuity, for better or worse. Now more than ever, license to operate, let alone profitable operations, depend on effective management of safety, health, and environmental risks.   

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Operational Excellence Driving Market Changes

Posted by Joe Perino on April 21, 2021

Recent moves by some of the market's major players are beginning to confirm what LNS previously identified as a trend toward renewed interest in and a fresh approach to what LNS calls Operational Excellence 4.0 (OE 4.0). We are seeing new partnerships as well as M&A between suppliers of APM, EHS, Quality, and Connected Worker applications.

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Connected Frontline Workforce Applications:  Pushing the Frontiers of Industrial Transformation

Posted by Peter S Bussey on April 02, 2021

It’s been nearly three years since LNS Research initiated coverage of the digitally connected industrial worker space with the publication of our seminal research, “The Connected Worker: Mobilize and Empower People to Reduce Risk and Improve Safety”. Since then, we’ve continued to conduct research and develop our point of view on the topic while working closely with a variety of industrial organizations and technology vendors on their connected worker initiatives and solutions.

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