Toshiba Comes to the U.S. & ISA Holds Food & Pharma Symposium [Roundup]

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IIoT_adoption.pngYamasaki Invests in New Smart Manufacturing

Yamazaki Mazak Corp., the machine tool builder, stated it will be building a new and improved manufacturing plant in Japan -- Internet of Things (IoT) enabled. The notion of automation and a real-time data connected plant floor came from planning based back in 2014.

The new plant, that will be located nearly 250 miles south of Tokyo in Inabe City, is expected to be up and running by 2019. The new factory will use IIoT-enabled smart connected assets to enhance a flow of big data throughout the plant, and support automation to optimize manufacturing. To read more about the plans to come for Yamazaki Mazak Corp., click here.

Toshiba Moves Manufacturing to the U.S.

Toshiba International Corp., the technology and engine supplier, announced it will be moving its manufacturing and production to a former warehouse about 30 miles north of Houston, Texas. The 1.2M square foot manufacturing plant will not only house production to laptops and televisions, but also more advanced technologies, motors, distribution systems, and more.

By moving manufacturing to the United States, Toshiba has found it is able to produce and transport its products at a more affordable rate. This moves comes at the right time as production is expected to increase since Ford announced it will be adding over a dozen new models to its hybrid line, and Toshiba will produce the companion engines and transmission. To read more about the move click here.

ISA to Hold Food & Pharma Symposium  

The International Society of Automation (ISA) announced its 3rd annual Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division (FPID) symposium will take place in March, 2016 in Cork, Ireland. This year, the event will hone in on what is needed in batch manufacturing and to reach global demands.

While focusing on technology and innovation used in batch manufacturing, the event will dive into manufacturing costs and meeting regulations. Andre Michel, President of Efficient Plant and the ISA FPID Division Director, stated the importance he felt behind these topics. Michel said, “Technology is moving so fast. So, while the process may be the same, the technology and the demands from the FDA are constantly looking to improve quality and reliability.” To read more on the upcoming event click here.

GM Acquires Cruise Automation

General Motors, the automotive manufacturer, announced its acquisition of Cruise Automation, a software company. The firm that is home to 40 employees, all of which will hold their positions during the acquisition, will assist GM in creating a self-driving car. There are currently no set time frames as to when then technology may be released.

Cruise Automation aligns with Google as it is one of the few companies that possess the permit needed to test self-driving vehicles in the state of California. GM’s President, Dan Ammann, believes Cruise Automation will be able to help overcome challenges associated with driving, such as properly functioning sensors in poor weather. Ammann stated, “It’s our view that driverless technology will be demonstrably safer than the human drive.” To read more on this click here.

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