Diving into AssetPoint and its TabWare APM Solution

APM_OpEx_Platform_2-3.jpgRegardless of the industry in which you operate, if your company has physical assets producing a product or distributing a service or utility, Asset Performance Management (APM) is an important consideration for you when considering Operational Excellence. As our Principal APM Analyst Dan Miklovic often says: “Healthy assets are the foundation of a healthy business.”

As with other pillars of Operational Excellence (and many times to a higher degree—as many notable success stories and use cases today in emerging technology are related to APM), the emerging trends of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cloud, Mobility, and Big Data are having a big effect on how APM is practiced, with data and connectivity allowing for more predictive and automated maintenance protocols that are reducing risk, reducing unplanned downtime, and trending toward new business models and revenue streams.

It’s an exciting time to be in the APM space, with plenty of advancements being made to APM solution capabilities. In order to assist APM professionals considering an investment in APM LNS Research has released our APM Solution Selection Guide, which contains more than 100 pages of information on 20 of the top vendors in the APM space, diving into key criteria for selection and emerging strengths.  

In this post, we’re highlighting AssetPoint, a privately APM provider based in Greenville, SC.

An Overview of AssetPoint’s APM and EAM Capabilities

AssetPoint is an APM solution provider with approximately 50 employees, as well as customers across numerous asset intensive industries. TabWare, the company’s APM offering, is a full function EAM application suite with both on-premise and cloud hosting options.

TabWare has over 35 years of development history, which has culminated in a feature-rich EAM and predictive maintenance solution. Its mainframe roots also allowed it to be one of the first EAM/CMMS applications to be offered in the cloud, as the affordability of a mainframe was beyond the reach of many companies. Built on an MS.NET platform, today it also has HTML5 and Web Services technology at its core.

AssetPoint has a focus in several asset intensive industries, with TabWare interfaced with a large majority of ERP applications as well as numerous plant floor systems. As such, it’s a relatively easy system to integrate into most environments. The company has not emphasized IIoT connectivity, but can connect to real-time systems via protocols such as OPC—prevalent in plants today.

Overall, TabWare is an affordable EAM application that supports predictive and RCM methodologies and is also well supported in the Americas with good local user support communities.

A Closer Examination of AssetPoint and its APM Solution

For a deeper dive into AssetPoint and 19 other key APM solution providers, including geographies covered, functionalities included, industry coverage, company sizes served, delivery models, time to solution value, and more, be sure to download the LNS Research APM Solution Selection Guide

The guide also gives a deeper look at AssetPoint’s attributes by total coverage areas and current and emerging strengths.Asset Performance Management

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