MROConnection and its Asset Performance Management Solution

APM-ApplicationDomains_Alt_2-5.jpgAs we dive deeper into the Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution Selection Guide and detail specific APM providers, company sizes served, functionalities delivered, industry strengths, etc., MROConnection comes into light as one of the featured APM providers that offers targeted turnkey MRO and multiple applications.

MROConnection composes an alliance of three companies: Xtivity (London, Ontario), Net Results Group (Glenview, KY), and Performance Consulting Associates (Duluth, GA). Xtivity and Net Results Group provide technology aspects of the solution set while Performance Consulting Associates provides services, as do both Xtivity and NRG. This ownership structure is somewhat unique within the APM space and allows for a single point of contact and responsibility when implementing MRO inventory and supply chain optimization services that MROConnection provides.

The key technology elements that are part of MROConnection include:

  • xSpend: A SaaS MRO spending analytics application
  • MRO3i: A tool to capture part identification information
  • xIO Pulse: A SaaS MRO Inventory optimization application
  • xIO Corporate View: An enterprise MRO Inventory Dashboard solution
  • MRO Airflow: An application to support disposal of excess MRO materials

With this amalgamation of services and solutions the MROConnection is able to deliver a comprehensive MRO inventory management and optimization package that predominantly serves the North American market with some broader global presence as well.  

MROConnection does not yet play significantly within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Smart Connected Assets space. While the recent LNS Research cross-industry APM survey data tells us that almost 50% of respondents have no plans regarding implementation of the IIoT, results from the same survey in a different questions showed 50% are investing in APM to drive operational performance improvements as their number one strategic objective.










Later, the survey also revealed that 80% identify it in the top three objectives. A large part of those investments include the implementation of new technologies. We believe now is the time to invest in smart devices, the IIoT, Smart Connected Assets, and other technologies such as Big Data Analytics and the Cloud for many businesses to replace older not-so-smart technology and achieve Operational Excellence.

LNS believes it will be necessary for the company to expand functionality and marketing within these areas as connective technologies become more pervasive to lead customers in the deployment of them. LNS suggests organizations looking for targeted, turnkey MRO inventory optimization program and products investigate MRO Connection.

How to Use the APM Solution Selection Guide

LNS’ Asset Performance Management Solution Selection Guide is a free resource that dives deep into MROConnection and 19 other APM solution providers by criteria such as company sizes served, geographies covered, technology platforms delivered, licensing and deployment models, and others. In addition to a written section for each of the 20 top APM vendors, the guide offers a side-by-side comparison of each provider for quick reader reference on the capabilities and attributes that matter to them.

Join us on Tuesday, March 29, at 1:00 pm EDT as, Andrew Hughes presents the results from the fourth iteration of the Metrics that Matter research study conducted between LNS Research and MESA International, and places particular focus on how the deployment of IIoT, Cloud, and Analytics are transforming manufacturing today.IIoT eBook 2016

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