Failure at Industrial Transformation is Adversely Impacting the Financial Performance of CPG/F&B companies

Posted by Tom Comstock on March 16, 2022

Industrial Transformation (IX) is the proactive and coordinated approach to leveraging digital technologies to create step-change improvement across the value chain. IX is a key mechanism that Consumer Products and Goods/Food and Beverage (CPG/F&B) companies are using to address the changes rolling across their industry: pandemic driven demand fluctuations, worker shortages, increasing competition from local brands, new channels to the consumer, and ever-increasing use of contract manufacturers and copackers. Yet the industry is falling behind in IX and is paying the penalty in the form of sub-optimal financial performance compared to manufacturers more generally.

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Survey Snippets #4: How Mature is Your Industrial Analytics Program, Really?

Posted by Vivek Murugesan on February 28, 2022

Recently, I noticed an interesting data point from our Analytics That Matter research survey: 58% of surveyed companies claimed to be implementing or piloting an analytics program, but only 11% are seeing dramatic business impacts. The reason? I believe that while these programs are often led by the right vision, most of them aren’t necessarily supported by the required execution.

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Understanding Industrial Transformation (IX) Analytics

Posted by Joe Perino on March 24, 2021

LNS Research’s initial work outlined the three architectural approaches to Industrial Transformation (IX). We also detailed the advantages and disadvantages for industrial users of each of these architectural paths and the underlying IX Infrastructure. We are now extending our research to advanced analytics. So, in this blog, we define Industrial Transformation (IX) Analytics and how LNS classifies its use.

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