What is Quality 4.0? And What It Isn’t.

Posted by Vivek Murugesan on March 28, 2022

Quality 4.0 is a concept LNS Research first introduced in 2017, and it has been gaining momentum ever since. However, the concept has also picked up some misconceptions along the way. To clear up any confusion, we will redefine Quality 4.0 here and answer several key questions about its scope, value, and role in Industrial Transformation (IX).

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Why aren’t Quality Leaders Leading Quality Transformation? (Clue: It’s not because of tech)

Posted by Vivek Murugesan on February 07, 2022

Quality management has been one of the earliest areas of research for us here at LNS Research, and we have been closely monitoring the space for several years now. Our recent research on Quality 4.0 Readiness shows that Quality 4.0 programs have been gaining steady momentum and have become an important piece of the Industrial Transformation puzzle today’s manufacturing companies are trying to solve; so much so that the Quality 4.0 adoption rate has jumped from 16% to 27% in just two years.

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Reliance NXG Announced at ETQ Quality Vision 2021:  "Cloud Native" Approach May Allow Customers to Leapfrog Competition

Posted by Tom Comstock on May 11, 2021

LNS Research had the opportunity to participate in ETQ’s virtual event, Quality Vision 2021. The virtual mainstage was dominated by discussion of the company’s concurrent new product release, Reliance NXG, a cloud-native version of Reliance that is reportedly fully functional.

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Operational Excellence 4.0

Posted by Joe Perino on December 03, 2020

LNS has long focused on Operational Excellence (OE) as part of our Digital Transformation (DX) Framework, now Industrial Transformation (IX). In 2013 and 2014, we talked about Operational Excellence as a journey and stated that people, processes, and technology are the underpinnings of Operational Excellence initiatives.

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Maturity Model Moves Your Quality Forward

Posted by LNS Research on October 05, 2020

With adoption rates of Industrial Transformation (IX) continuing to grow over the past five-plus years, we now have enough historical perspective to create a maturity model to assess organizational efforts in the pursuit of improved business performance. This is especially helpful within Quality 4.0.

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Sparta Systems Shares Strategy at Connection 2020

Posted by Tom Comstock on July 07, 2020

The COVID Pandemic has forced software vendors to recreate their customer events virtually.  Sparta Systems went the route of simplification this year with its Connection Virtual Series 2020: offering only six keynote presentation s over the course of two weeks. Sparta shared important updates despite the more abbreviated format.

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The Digital Quality Leader and Chief Quality Officer

Posted by Chris Follis on March 03, 2020

As early as 2012 LNS Research was asking the question: should companies be creating a Chief Quality Officer? With the launch of Quality 4.0 initiatives broadly across the industry, a focus on closing the loop from consumer experiences to product design, ensuring a culture of quality, and embracing new Digital technology; the answer to that question today is an emphatic yes. From mid-level to upper level, digital quality leaders are emerging across various industries to bridge the gap on digital tools, infrastructure and analytics.

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ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit – The Jetsons from Orbit City to Music City

Posted by Chris Follis on February 27, 2020

As technology advances exponentially, smart city strategies will fuel industrial transformation (IX) opportunities. City and industry convergence for synergistic value is on the rise and is expected to get more complex and integrated. Sixty or so years ago the animated sitcom The Jetsons catapulted thought towards the future. These natives of Orbit City appear to be moving to Music City - Nashville Tennessee. From George Jones to George Jetson, Nashville’s new Intelligent Transit initiative is sure to capture national attention. Why just meet George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, and Jane his wife, when you can be them?

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Quality as an Industrial Transformation (IX) Change Agent?

Posted by Chris Follis on February 10, 2020

An enterprise quality management software (EQMS) initiative can provide one of the best opportunities for Quality leaders to become recognized as an Industrial Transformation (IX) change agent. The opportunities are even greater when Supply Quality and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) are considered in the scope. Quality leaders will need to break away from their traditional correction mode headset and learn how to connect with others. Collaborating with the various functions before starting will be key, because they want to know what’s in it for them. Exploring technology opportunities, casting a clear vision and charting an easy win, is sure to land quality leaders as a unique IX change agentespecially when viewing the latest research indicating 14% of IX programs are being headed up by team leaders possessing the right skill sets for cross-functional collaborative leadership.

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Transforming Quality and EHS One Connection at a Time

Posted by Chris Follis on October 29, 2019

Our inaugural Industrial Transformation (IX) Event was a refreshing connection for industry executives leading transformation ― from startups to mature journeys, from tissue and drywall to aircraft carriers and submarines. The breadth of IX coverage and insight resonated well among industrial executives and software vendor thought leaders in attendance. Focused roundtable sessions on quality and environment, health, and safety (EHS) packed the room as Quality 4.0 and connected worker topics fostered lively discussions.

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