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IBM IoT Platform Extension & Mobility in Aviation [Roundup]

IBM Extends IoT Platform Capabilities with ARM 

Earlier this week IBM announced the release of IBM IoT Foundation, which is an increase of its IoT platform. The platform capabilities will open up opportunities for enterprises to obtain ultimate connectivity to mobile devices and smart connected assets for analytical services. Through the integration of IBM and ARM, the enhanced IoT platform will optimize its productivity of big data analytics transportation for its users. The organizations also announced the first of its cloud-based, industry-specific IoT services with IoT for Electronics. Krisztian Flautner, the General Manager and IoT Business of ARM, said, “Deploying IoT technology has to be easy, secure, and scalable for it to feel like a natural extension of a company’s business. By collaborating with IBM, we will deliver the first unified chip-to-clough, enterprise-class IoT platform. This will empower companies of any size with a productivity tool that can readily transform how they operate, and the services they can offer.” To become more informed about the IoT platform and services benefits click here.

Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry Through the IoT

Manufacturing professionals understand that there is always room to improve the market. Many enterprises are reinventing themselves as smart manufacturers by utilizing the IIoT and complying devices. This being said, there is room for these same kind of efficient improvements in the oil and gas industry. With gas prices increasingly dropping since 2014, oil and gas companies are looking for a way to gain that profit back. By harnessing the IoT, oil and gas companies can drive forth their sales and increase profits with the use of big data analytics. The use of interconnectivity allows these professionals to expand their sales reach, and saves them from the loss of profit by keeping costs down with a more efficient way to obtain big data analytics. To read more about the innovative thought-driven oil and gas solution presented by Cisco click here.

Aviation Safety Improvements Lay in the Palm of the Pilot

MITRE stepped up when a national concern for the safety of commercial airlines and general aviation needed to be addressed. The non-profit organizations developed an application for smart connected assets and devices, referred to as the General Aviation Airborne Recording Device app (GAARD). The app is used to gain information about the aircraft’s movements by using the GPS system that is already implemented. This way, the pilots are able to record information about the flight more easily in real-time, with the convenience of a mobile device. The app is meant to collect big data about the flight information without any kind of difficulty. To gain an understanding of how the app is being used between airline personnel click here.

Robotics Lifting Weight off the Shop Floor

In LNS Research’s roundup blog post from last week, it discussed how identifying and addressing silos and disparate systems within a plant could be translated as room for growth. Areas like these in the manufacturing plant open up thought-leadership driven ideas to transform an aged manufacturing plant into a smart manufacturing base for production. That is where Standby Screw, a screw factory in Berea, Ohio that employs only 400 people internationally, recognized this sort of opportunity in there disparate system. The shop that comes from the old screw machine shop mentality has adopted the use of automation and Rethink Robotics Baxter machines within the plant. Sales Manager, Drew Rabkewych, recalls the company always being concerned about staying up to date with technology. “We had BlackBerrys in here before most people knew what they even were. We always keep looking forward.” Technological advances, like automation, has been the reason Standby Screw has been able to keep up with changing times. Addendum to the success it has experience through smart manufacturing, the company was able to open up another plant in Guangzhou, China. To read more of how the shop floor supervisors communicated to top floor supervisors, and transitioned into automation with robots click here.New Call-to-action

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